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About TNR Technical

About the Battery Pack Professionals at TNR Technical, Inc.

If you need an extensive selection of top name batteries and custom battery packs supported by the best service, look no further than TNR Technical, Inc.

We combine the industry expertise of our manufacturing partners with our team of Battery Specialists to design and deliver battery packs trusted by some of the biggest names in commerce:

  • NASA
  • AT&T
  • General Electric
  • The FBI
  • Lockheed Martin
  • All branches of the military

We are a privately held company with over 40 years of exceptional service experience. Over the years, we have developed solid relationships with major battery manufacturers, distributors and component suppliers. You can rest assured knowing that you’re getting only genuine quality components in your custom battery packs.

In addition to our valuable battery manufacturer relationships, we feature a dedicated and experienced customer service team with years of practice finding companies batteries, battery packs and battery-related products. This includes helping you develop custom battery pack designs that improve the performance and reliability of your products.

Our production team can help you source creative new ways to cut your battery costs while improving performance. In some cases, we have advised electronics companies to have the manufacturer leave out their cheap stock batteries, lowering the weight of each unit to save on international shipping costs. We then delivered superior batteries that improved product performance yet still cost less than the freight of the cheap batteries they replaced. Creative solutions like these have made us a trusted leader in the battery pack industry.

About the TNR Technical Commitment to You

At TNR Technical, Inc., we make your convenience and satisfaction our top priority. In addition to our custom design services, TNR offers valuable shipping and fulfillment services that simplify your ordering and operations:

  • Distribution centers on both the East and West Coast for faster access to your order
  • International and drop shipping for convenient service across the globe
  • Over $1 million in inventory in temperature-controlled facilities, helping ensure you get your orders faster

We offer valuable Just In Time (JIT) shipping, allowing you to collect your order at your own pace. You’re not left scrambling to find storage space for batteries that you don’t need yet. We’ll schedule and hold your orders until you’re ready.

We assemble custom battery packs that cost you less, perform better and offer greater reliability.

How TNR Battery Protects You with Great Certifications and Confidentiality

As a successful business with over three decades of experience, we know the importance of using a supplier you can trust. That’s why we offer certifications from both our team and the battery manufacturers we’ve partnered with, giving you a blanket of security that lets you focus on your products, not the batteries powering them. We have a long history of offering intellectual property and confidentiality agreements for government agencies and departments and OEMs. These agreements protect your proprietary orders and prevent sensitive information from being accessed by anyone besides our sales staff and production department. We can provide blind drop shipments, protecting your relationship with your customers. At TNR, we know that partnerships with our suppliers and our customers are the key to sustaining success.

TNR Technical, Inc. Carries the Full Line of Batteries and Components You Need

Our team at TNR Technical, Inc. takes pride in offering our value-added battery pack assembly and battery distribution services that support all battery chemistries, including Lithium primary cells, Lithium-Ion, Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Alkaline and Sealed Lead Acid. To learn more about the products and services we offer, reach out to one of our Battery Specialists.