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Battery Pack Certification

Get Reliable Quality with Our Battery Pack Certification

Battery pack certification from TNR Technical gives you peace of mind with formal guarantees that we assemble our products to the highest commercial standards and always deliver on your expectations. This includes providing Certificates of Conformance and Compliance on your orders. These certificates serve as authentication and guarantee that you receive the exact products you ordered.

Enjoy the Confidence of Full Traceability with Our Battery Certification

Battery certifications and full traceability on your orders guarantee you receive the best components without the risk of counterfeit products. If you operate expensive equipment or sell to customers with critical power needs, you cannot afford to risk receiving inferior knockoff parts that put your equipment, your business or your customers in jeopardy.

Why Major Corporations Choose TNR Battery

Many international businesses and federal agencies trust the products from TNR Battery to power their critical machinery. This includes companies and federal agencies in a wide variety of industries:

  • Telecommunications
  • Aerospace travel
  • Military
  • Medical
  • And many more

Our 40 years of industry experience is why big names like AT&T, NASA, Lockheed Martin and Boeing trust us to deliver on their vital battery needs. Just see some of the great things our customers are saying about us

TNR Technical, Inc. Delivers American-Made Quality

TNR Technical, Inc. battery packs are assembled right here in the U.S. Get the confidence of knowing you’re getting fresher batteries that last longer and perform better with our in-house assembly services. Plus, our American-made quality means you also enjoy lower shipping costs because we’re not importing your finished products from overseas. Find out how you can cut your company costs and improve your performance by choosing the exceptional products and services from TNR Technical.