See the Major Battery Brands We Use to Power Your Success

As part of our dedication to exceptional quality, TNR Technical partners with world leaders in the design and manufacture of batteries for industrial and defense applications. Your complex systems, high-tech equipment and state-of-the-art devices require batteries that are focused on performance and reliability. We offer brands with off-the-shelf and made-to-measure solutions that serve as key components in alarms, electronic and medical devices, transport tracking devices, smart metering systems, tools for the oil & gas industry, space systems, military equipment, and much more. We use these brands when assembling your battery packs. No matter what your industry or power needs, we feature battery manufacturers with a proven history of reliability and success. Review our brand overviews below to learn more about the components we use in our battery packs.

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Sanyo Batteries, a world premier designer and manufacturer of specialized batteries for high-end applications, spun off its Nickel Metal Hydride division, including a premier manufacturing plant in Japan, all licenses, patents, and intellectual property related to its portable NiMH batteries to FDK. FDK produces high-quality nickel metal hydride batteries utilizing the market proven Sanyo chemistry within those products. A wide range of products, including industry-leading low self discharge, high voltage offer consumers the ultimate solution.

FDK's high capacity nickel metal hydride batteries are available in a variety of options and are ideal for compact applications.

high capacity twicell energy density charging capability line-up

    Audio equipment, 2-way radios, other communication devices and notebook computers.

high durability twicell service life

Compared with high capacity type cells, high durability Twicell achieves a superior service life for continuous low-rate charging and charge/discharge cycles. range

Recently developed 'T-series' is the latest solutions and offers higher durability than the standard 'C-series' for applications.

    T-series: Emergency lighting, back-up power applications, etc

    C-series: Cordless phones, shavers, back-up power applications, etc

high-rate discharge twicell high-rate discharge characteristics

FDK's original electrode manufacturing process coupled with specialized current collectors minimize internal impedance, which in turn enables high-rate discharging and guarantees a stable discharge voltage. reliability over wide range operating range

FDK offers a wide range of high rate discharge cells, allowing for adaptation into numerous applications.

    Power tools, cordless cleaners, electric motor applications, etc.

dry cell compatible twicell cell compatible form factor leading capacity in retail-use rechargeable batteries cycle life = economical solution range

    For digital cameras, PDA, audio equipment, remote control, clock, etc.


High Power Cylindrical Cells

  • Spiral electrode structure ensures high-rate current discharge.
  • Low self-discharge rate and long life.

    Self-discharge rate : less than 0.5% per year at room temperature.
  • Usable over wide temperature range.
  • UL recognition (File No. MH13421)

  • Water, Gas and Electricity meters
  • Fire alarm / Gas alarm
  • Car electronics (ETC, Emergency call system, etc)



High Capacity Cylindrical Cells

  • Bobbin electrode structure ensures high-capacity.
  • Low self-discharge rate and long cell life.

    Self-discharge rate : less than 0.5% per year at room temperature.
  • Usable over wide temperature range.
  • UL recognition (File No. MH13421)

  • Water and Electricity meters
  • Fire alarm
  • Memory backup power source




Manganese Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

  • Stable Operating Voltage of 2.5V.
  • Charging Possible at 2.8V.
  • Low self-discharge rate and long cell life.
  • Usable over wide temperature range.
  • UL recognition (File No. MH13421)

  • Memory backup power source for Note-PC, Cellular phone, DSC and Camcorder.
  • Electronic keys for automobiles (keyless entry)
  • Memory backup power source for fire alarm


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