See the Major Battery Brands We Use to Power Your Success

As part of our dedication to exceptional quality, TNR Technical partners with world leaders in the design and manufacture of batteries for industrial and defense applications. Your complex systems, high-tech equipment and state-of-the-art devices require batteries that are focused on performance and reliability. We offer brands with off-the-shelf and made-to-measure solutions that serve as key components in alarms, electronic and medical devices, transport tracking devices, smart metering systems, tools for the oil & gas industry, space systems, military equipment, and much more. We use these brands when assembling your battery packs. No matter what your industry or power needs, we feature battery manufacturers with a proven history of reliability and success. Review our brand overviews below to learn more about the components we use in our battery packs.

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Saft is a world premier designer and manufacturer of specialized batteries for high-end applications, pro-actively meeting the diverse needs of multiple industrial, transportation, space, and defense markets with innovative and powerful solutions.

Saft's world-class technology is backed up by world-class manufacturing facilities that produce battery solutions to meet power and energy needs of any size.  Saft’s comprehensive product range includes solutions for aviation, defense, energy storage and renewables, industrial standby, marine, medical, motive power & vehicles, oil & gas, professional electronics, railways, space, telecom, utility metering, and more.

Oil, Gas & Utilities: From the deepest sub-sea oil and gas developments to the largest and most complex off-shore and on-shore infrastructures, Saft provides robust and reliable nickel- and lithium-based batteries, from single cells to complex systems, related to technology, prospection & exploration, drilling, production, sub-sea, and distribution.  The Saft product line can be found in applications from electric control valves under the North Sea to Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) in the North Caspian Sea to solar power systems on the Andaman Sea; from photovoltaic and Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) in the African desert to inspection tools and cathodic protection in pipelines, and seismic surveys of oil & gas fields around the world.

OEMS of electronic utility meters demand highly dependable, autonomous power to maintain the advanced functionality of technologies, including: Automatic Meter Reading, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), and Automated Meter Management (AMM).  Saft provides solutions for your metering and meter reading needs by offering a wide range of long operational life, non-rechargeable lithium cells that can potentially match or exceed the life of your application.  With battery replacements costs estimated at several times the initial cost of a meter battery, metering companies need highly dependable, autonomous, long-lasting and robust batteries that withstand extreme temperatures.  Saft designs exceed the essential characteristics required for high-tech indoor and outdoor metering applications, which is why market leaders have trusted Saft products for years.

Medical: Saft’s product offering for the medical market is as diverse as the equipment it powers, all made to meet the toughest standards of reliability, durability and efficiency.  Saft battery systems allow portable equipment, mobile workstations, patient-worn devices, respirators, ventilators, defibrillators and other medical devices to perform reliably and operate autonomously.  From simple to complex, large to small, primary to rechargeable, Saft is able to offer a power or energy solution for practically any medical device.

Saft’s comprehensive product range means there is a battery to fit every application, specification and need:

  • Energy Storage Systems:  solar and wind power plants, capacity firming, power networks.
  • Emergency and security systems:  conversion kits, alarms and more.
  • Personal mobility:  electrical wheelchairs, lift systems for disabled persons and other personal electrical vehicles.
  • Professional electronics:  alarms, telematics, transport tracking devices, professional tools, video cameras and much more.
  • Medical:  Drug dispensers, cardiac defibrillators, respirators, homecare ventilators, medical carts, monitoring and diagnosis equipment and more.
  • Metering:  Automatic meter reading, advanced metering infrastructure, automated meter management, emergency back -up power
  • Motive Power: Commercial and industrial vehicles, forklifts, and warehouse trucks
  • Small off-grid PV applications:  Street lighting, signage, water supply and irrigation, weather stations, sensors, navigation aids, rural electrification, PV, professional applications.
  • Telecommunications:  mobile radios, back-up systems for telecom networks and more.
  • Sensor applications:  data centers, industrial, commercial, area network, gas meters, underground sensing and communication, radar speed sensors, ultrasonic flow measurement and communications, remote telemetry units.
  • Solar solutions:  power, data acquisition and wireless internet communication, maintenance and support of remote hazardous environment sensors.
  • Marine:  Signalling, UPS, back-up systems and more.
  • Building and industrial plants:  Alarms, UPS, back-up systems, and more.
  • Military and defense:  Robots, portable radio communication equipment and more.

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