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How to Save with Custom Battery Packs

Custom Battery Pack Design from Your Industry Partner

The battery experts at TNR Technical have decades of experience partnering with major businesses and government agencies to carry out custom battery pack design that improves product performance and longevity. We maintain close relationships with the biggest battery manufacturers, allowing us to offer you a wide selection of battery brands and components at various price points to fit your specific budget. These manufacturer relationships give us the flexibility to design battery packs with the right battery grade for your solution: top-of-the-line batteries for ultimate confidence in your packs, mid-grade batteries for great performance at a great price or standard grade batteries for the most value in your large-scale battery pack needs.

Creating custom battery packs that operate more efficiently and save you money is possible because our team has access to over 35 years of industry experience and innovative, outside-the-box thinking. Our solutions include finding alternative materials and components to use in your batteries without sacrificing product quality. We can even use our close manufacturer relationships to consult directly with these battery companies on the best solutions for your battery pack needs. Partnering with TNR Technical gives you the best expertise in the industry from both our own Battery Pack Assembly Specialists, as well as the battery professionals at the world’s leading manufacturers.

Creating custom battery packs that operate more efficiently and save you money is possible because our team has access to over 35 years of industry experience and innovative, outside-the-box thinking.

Battery Chargers to Improve Your Custom Battery Pack Performance

We support you with the specific, recommended battery chargers that will extend the life of your batteries and battery packs while giving you the fastest appropriate charging time and the highest performance. We offer a wide range of chargers, trickle chargers and charging accessories for our custom battery packs and off-the-shelf batteries. 35 years of industry experience has given us the skill to find creative solutions to charging challenges that other companies might overlook. Combine that expertise with our manufacturer relationships and it’s easy to see why the biggest companies and agencies trust us as their one-stop battery resource.

Get Reliable Custom Batteries for All Applications

TNR’s advanced design and production team has decades of experience designing and assembling battery packs that solve your power challenges. As an authorized dealer for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Saft, Enersys, FDK, Duracell, Energizer, Panasonic, Varta and many more, these relationships give us the ability to create virtually any type of custom battery pack for any application.

Do you have a device or machine with a battery or battery pack that is expensive to replace? We can possibly save you exorbitant replacement costs by installing new cells in your existing battery packs. Contact our Battery Specialists to see if a battery pack rebuild is an option.

Our East and West Coast distribution centers hold over $1 million in inventory, giving you faster battery pack delivery.

TNR Battery Services Designed Around Your Needs

We support your custom TNR battery pack designs with exceptional customer service that helps you save the time, high costs and stress of other battery companies. We offer flexible Just In Time (JIT) shipping to deliver your order exactly when you need it. We feature convenient distribution locations on both the East and West Coasts, guaranteeing you faster product delivery and lower shipping costs. These two facilities hold a combined battery inventory of over $1 millionWe’ll even drop ship your orders.

To learn more about how our custom battery pack designs help you save money while improving performance, reach out to one of our Battery Specialists.