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Intellectual Property Confidentiality

Intellectual Property Confidentiality on Your TNR Orders

As part of our company commitment to client serviceyou can get intellectual property confidentiality on your custom orders. Government and private business clients trust our TNR Technical team to produce proprietary battery pack designs. Our internal confidentiality systems prevent information from being accessed by anyone other than the sales staff and the production department. If your upcoming project demands confidentiality, we have non-disclosure statements ready to protect your company and its technology.

Battery Pack Certification on Confidential Orders

We combine that confidential service system with the best battery pack certification to offer you the highest quality products and most reliability on your orders. That includes both manufacturer warranties on individual components and our Certificate of Conformance and Certificate of Compliance to ensure the assembled units are authentic and are manufactured to the specifications that you ordered.

It’s easy to see why for over 35 years companies have trusted us as their battery and battery pack supplier when you combine our confidential care with exceptional shipping and fulfillment services:

TNR’s Battery Certification and Brand Accountability

With our battery certification, you are protected and can feel secure knowing you get brand accountability on your most important items. Rest assured after placing your order that we will keep your custom proprietary battery designs safe and never duplicate them for use by others. We also keep all our client data secure and make your privacy our foremost concern. Our strict company privacy policy prohibits us from revealing client names or sharing private company details with outside companies. This level of service has won us many loyal clients and great feedback from businesses of every size in numerous industries.

TNR Battery Services Handle Your Important Orders

Need a custom battery pack for an information-sensitive project? You’ve come to the right place. Just reach out to one of our TNR Battery Specialists to find out how to protect your project security with the best battery packs available.