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Just In Time Facilitation

JIT Suppliers to Eliminate Your Ordering and Storage Concerns

How do JIT Suppliers (Just In Time Suppliers) streamline your operations and improve your machinery performance?

Our flexible, customer-centered order fulfillment services give you a number of benefits over other companies:

  • Faster delivery because your order is ready to be shipped from one of our two distribution centers
  • Fresher batteries that we carefully store in our climate-controlled warehouses with over 12,000 square feet of storage space
  • Easier company operations because you don’t have to find storage space for batteries that are not yet needed

As a battery stocking distributor, our team at TNR Technical maintains an extensive inventory that allows us to fulfill your orders faster and, with JIT ordering, ensures that your inventory is scheduled to arrive just when you need it. Learn how to manage your lead times by speaking with one of our Battery Specialists today.

Dual Battery Pack Certification, Guaranteed Quality

You get a double layer of security on your battery packs because TNR certifies the assembly and provides the manufacturers’ Certificates of Conformance and Compliance. Get the confidence of knowing you are getting authentic parts, the best assembly and full traceability on the products you ordered.

Battery Certification Trusted Throughout the World

TNR has the ability to ship outside the U.S. to virtually any company in need of batteries or our custom battery pack solutions. That includes clients in a wide variety of industries outside

the U.S. borders looking for American-made quality on their custom battery pack orders.

See How TNR Battery Services Simplify Your Electronics Challenges

TNR battery services eliminate the hassle and uncertainty of filling your battery orders. Our customer-centered service ensures you not only get the products you need, but also when you need them thanks to our JIT facilitation and drop shipping services. To learn more about the shipping, delivery and storage convenience we offer, talk to one of our Battery Specialists. You’ll see how easy it is to get the reliable products that have made us a trusted company for over 40 years.