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Marine Replacement Batteries for Reliable Quality on the Water

In marine applications, battery reliability and longevity are key because replacement costs can be several times the initial cost of the battery. When you’re out of sight of the shoreline, you need a reliable power source to get you back to shore again. That’s why so many boaters, government agencies and conservation groups choose marine replacement batteries from TNR Technical. We use only the finest components from the best manufacturers to deliver exceptional quality in all maritime conditions.

In addition to batteries to power your watercraft, we carry replacement batteries for buoys, signaling, UPS, back-up systems and countless other pieces of maritime equipment. Ocean wildlife scientists rely on our custom battery packs to power their electronic tracking tags used on various sea creatures, including sharks, turtles and manatees. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) trusts our batteries and custom battery packs to power their weather buoys. TNR can provide the long-lasting and robust batteries for your specific application.

Marine Batteries for Serious Oceanography Professionals

Batteries used in marine applications face a number of demanding weather conditions that can cause lower-quality items to fail unexpectedly. These challenging conditions include extreme temperatures, moisture, dirt, vibration and shock. When it comes to your marine batteries, the right battery selection is a critical technical choice.

Oceanographic Expertise from TNR Battery

Whether you need deep cycle marine batteries, battery accessories like battery boxes and trays, or specialty batteries or battery packs used on buoys and wildlife tracking tags, we offer the oceanographic supplies for all your commercial and recreational water needs. Need more information about reliable marine batteries? Contact a member of our Battery Specialist Team to see how our more than 35 years of company experience gives you worry-free power on the water and in your marine applications.