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Medical Battery Packs for Your Vital Health Needs

Our TNR Technical team offers a major assortment of medical batteries and battery packs to support your health service equipment. This includes the batteries and battery packs for a variety of portable devices and monitors used in hospitals on a daily basis:

  • Infusion pumps
  • Surgical beds
  • Surgical tools (drills and saws)
  • Medical carts
  • Portable X-ray machines
  • Portable ultrasound machines
  • IV pumps
  • Mobile diagnostic equipment
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Vital sign monitors


Tools and equipment in the medical field change quickly, so you need a value-added battery company that can react to those changes by supplying you with the exact solutions you need. We’ve built longstanding relationships with major battery manufacturers and collaborate with them to provide high-quality batteries and battery packs for use in various medical applications. This includes sourcing brand name batteries and creating custom battery packs to run specialized equipment.

Get Your Medical Battery Order Faster

TNR Technical carries over $1 million in battery inventory, so popular products you order are ready for same-day shipping. That exceptional inventory means you’re not subject to the long lead times so common in the battery industry. Our team features Battery Specialists with decades of experience working with hospitals and medical companies, which allows us to find and develop custom solutions to even your most challenging requirements. Medical device refurbishment companies who resell these devices to smaller hospitals rely on our ability to provide customized or standard solutions for their battery needs.

Powerful Medical Batteries for the Expanding Healthcare Industry

Major healthcare equipment manufacturers like Physio Control, GE Healthcare and Marquette Electronics trust our company commitment to quality when choosing replacement batteries and battery packs. As medical devices today continue to decrease in size while becoming more powerful, the need for reliable replacement medical batteries and battery packs also increases. TNR Technical carries the full line of batteries and components biomedical departments need to keep healthcare devices up and running.