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Oil, Gas & Utilities

Utility-Scale Batteries for Oil Companies and Gas Companies

Major projects require utility-scale batteries that keep your projects on schedule. Oil companies and gas companies rely on these industrial-grade batteries to get a reliable source of power where no other solution is possible. Our TNR team has partnered with several major battery manufacturers to offer the products that give you worry-free power on your big industrial projects.

Not sure of your specific needs? Rely on our experience and the expertise of our manufacturing partners. Contact a TNR Battery Specialist today to determine the best battery for your application.

Get the Battery Reliability Utility Companies Trust

TNR Technical is an authorized distributor for many of the premier battery manufacturers, giving utility companies the best selection of products to power their vital services. Whether you’re a power company in need of reclosers or a natural gas company that needs utility metering equipment to measure pressure levels, TNR has the specialized batteries and battery packs you need. We’ve served major players in the industry, including Florida Power & Light and Williams, one of the largest North American energy infrastructure providers. All of our battery packs are built to the highest commercial standards demanded by such companies.

New and Replacement Battery Packs from TNR Battery

Whether you need a new TNR battery pack solution, replacement battery packs or straight distribution items, we have the experience, resources and custom solutions you need.

We sell brand name products and produce battery packs that are able to withstand the physical challenges and demanding specifications of the utility, gas and oil industry:

  • High temperature
  • Excessive vibration
  • Workplace shock

Our team offers volume pricing on large-scale orders of off-the-shelf products, from the small batteries required in meters and small backup systems to the larger batteries and battery systems used in substations for all utilities. As with all of our orders, you get the confidence of complete traceability back to the manufacturer. To learn more about batteries designed specifically for the challenges of the utility, gas and oil industries, reach out to a member of our Battery Specialist Team.